Shakespeare Festival St Louis - Green Show


The Green Show is traditionally a prelude to an evening’s main performance and serves as a means of preparing the audience for that night’s main offerings, and creates an environment for pre show picnickers to enjoy light entertainment while breaking bread with family and friends. Performances begin each night at 6:30 PM.

Intro to the Show

Performed by members of the Shakespeare Squadron, the Festival’s training program for young actors, the Green Show features a 20-minute adaptation of the evening’s Main Stage production that introduces the performance’s characters and plot.

Backstage Tour

Free backstage tours begin nightly at 6:30 PM and last approximately 20 minutes. Get a behind-the-scenes view of the Festival, chat with stage crew, get a peek in the sound/lighting tent and maybe visit with an actor preparing for the performance. School and community groups can arrange group tours at 6 PM – email to set up your group tour.

Family Art Activities

Families with children are invited to join us for a variety of crafts, such as making crowns and capes, creating musical instruments, or constructing Shakespearean puppets. Children participating in the activities must be accompanied by an adult.

We are always looking for new Green Show entertainers – if you are interested, email