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MYS 2015: Antony & Cleopatra

In 2015, over 120 students from 7 schools will come together to collectively perform an adapted Antony & Cleopatra, along with “prequel” scenes from Julius Caesar.

This spring marks our 13th year of providing area students sustained engagement with our teaching artists and a Shakespeare text, performance experience, and an occasion to collaborate with other schools in the region.


Cahokia High School Grand Center Arts Academy
Governor French Academy St. Louis Homeschool Network
Holy Infant School Windsor High School
Seckman High School

About the Program

Patterned after a similar program at London’s Globe Theatre, Metro Youth Shakespeare brings together teens from diverse backgrounds and has area high school students discovering a new passion for Shakespeare through the semester-long program.

Festival Teaching Artists lead students through an in-depth study and rehearsal process of a Shakespeare play. Dividing one play into equal portions, each school spends a full semester developing its assigned scene. With emphasis on team building, collaboration, and process, Metro Youth Shakespeare culminates with public performances that brings together all the participating schools to celebrate the community-wide collaboration.