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With a highly engaged Board of Directors, impressive and committed staff, hundreds of volunteers, and incredible artists, the Festival is a fabulous place to work. You can expect a strong community that fosters conversation and collaboration.


Shakespeare Festival St. Louis TourCo.

Shakespeare Festival St. Louis is launching a brand new edition of its educational touring show, designed to play for all ages, in all venues, all across the region. This stripped-down, actor-centric production will feature a versatile cast of six, with most tackling multiple roles. Creating a rich, theater of the imagination, they will take the joyous, professional Shakespeare that the Festival is known for to thousands of people who might not otherwise have access to it. Cymbeline will play dozens of performances all across the bi-state area before sitting down for two-encore encore performances in Shakespeare Glen, as the kickoff to the Festival’s milestone 20th Anniversary Season in Forest Park.

  • Cymbeline Directed by Tom Ridgely
  • Sides: Prepare one side for each of the two main characters in the track you want to audition for (two if for Innogen). Link to sides.

We are committed to casting a diverse company. We invite gender non-conforming, genderqueer, transgender and non-binary actors to submit for roles they most identify with.

(There will be live music in the show. While not a requirement for any specific track, we are seeking actors who also sing and/or play musical instruments, especially ones interested in Iachimo/Arvigraus, Belarius/Queen, Cymbeline/Cornelius, Pisanio/Guiderius.)


[INNOGEN, as cast] Female, Early 20s. Any ethnicity. Tenacious, resourceful and deeply loyal. Princess of Britain and heiress apparent to the throne. Cymbeline’s daughter from a previous wife, she married Posthumus, who then had to flee Cymbeline’s wrath at the unequal match. To reunite with him she disguises herself as a male page, Fidele, and undertakes a dangerous journey across the country. One of the largest – and hardiest – female Shakespearean roles.

[POSTHUMUS/CLOTEN, as cast] Male, Mid 20s. Any ethnicity. This track offers a delicious challenge for a versatile young actor. Posthumus is Innogen’s husband and, though not royal, a gentleman raised in Cymbeline’s court. Deceived by Iachimo into believing that Innogen has been unfaithful to him, he becomes consumed by a murderous jealousy before realizing he should have chosen forgiveness over revenge. Cloten is the intensely hot-headed and entitled son of the Queen from a previous marriage. He covets Innogen and sees her as his own path to the crown. Her rejection sends him into a vindictive rage, but before he can overtake her he is beheaded in a fight with Guiderius.

[IACHIMO/ARVIRAGUS, as cast] Male, Mid 20s. Any ethnicity. Another role requiring considerable range. Iachimo is one of Shakespeare’s most conniving villains. An Italian gentleman, he bets Posthumus that he can seduce Innogen and, though he fails, manages to convince him she has succumbed. Arviragus is Cymbeline’s son and Innogen’s brother. He was kidnapped as a child along with Guiderius and raised by Belarius as his younger son, Cadwal. His valiant efforts as a soldier help fend off the inavding Roman forces, including Iachimo. In the end he learns his true identity and is restored to his family.

[BELARIUS/QUEEN, as cast] Any gender, 40s-50s. Any ethnicity. A British lord, wrongly banished by Cymbeline twenty years ago, Belarius kidnapped Cymbeline’s sons Guiderius and Arviragus and raised them as his own. All three are instrumental in defending Cymbeline from the Roman invasion and restoring order. The Queen, Cymbeline’s second wife, plots to overthrow him by crafting a poison with Cornelius. Her treacherous son Colten’s plot to kill Posthumus and defile Innogen is foiled by Guiderius, which sends her into a downward spiral, eventually confessing her crimes before dying.

[CYMBELINE/CORNELIUS, as cast] Male, 40s-50s. Any ethnicity. Cymbeline is the King of Britain and Innogen’s father. He rejects her marriage and banishes Posthumus. He is unwilling to pay tribute to Rome and unaware that his second wife wants him dead. Ultimately he is reunited with not only Innogen, but also his long lost sons Guiderius and Arviragus. Cornelius is the court physician who works with the Queen, while also suspecting her of treachery.

[PISANIO/GUIDERIUS, as cast] Any gender, 20-29. Any ethnicity. Pisanio is a servant to Posthumus but loyal to both him and Innogen. Helping Innogen escape Posthumus’ jealous plot, Pisanio is a pivotal innocent in revealing the truth. Guiderius is Cymbeline’s son, Innogen’s brother, who was kidnapped as a child and raised by Belarius. He kills Cloten and his valiant efforts as a soldier help fend off the Roman forces, including Iachimo. He is eventually reunited with his long lost family.

Q Brothers: Dress the Part

Shakespeare Festival St. Louis is seeking two highly skilled rapper/actor/performers for its upcoming production of Dress the Part written and directed by the Chicago-based hip hop theater collective, The Q Brothers. This add-RAP-tation is a fast-paced, sung-through, movement-heavy comedic musical performed by two actors of any gender/ethnicity

  • Producer: Shakespeare Festival St. Louis
  • Venue: The Ready Room
  • Directed by: The Q Brothers
  • First Rehearsal: January 7, 2020
  • First Performance: January 28
  • Closing: February 16

For the audition: Send a video to of the “Waterboy Needed” side from the top of the track. Include Verse 1 and 1st Chorus. CLICK FOR SIDE

Demo Tracks included for Reference:

“Waterboy Needed”


For the audition prepare: “Waterboy Needed” side from the top of the track. Include Verse 1 and 1st Chorus. CLICK FOR SIDE

This DRESS THE PART production will be on an LOA to LORT, the pay for which is $696/week. Alphabetical billing, right of first refusal.

About the Q Brothers
Award-winning and internationally acclaimed theater artists, the Q Brothers generate original work fusing hip hop and theater, adapting classic stories to a wholly original, entertaining and fast-paced style of comedic performance that has been energizing audiences for over two decades. The Q Brothers conceived the term add-RAP-tation in 1999 with their Off-Broadway hit “The Bomb-itty of Errors.” MTV has called the Q Brother’s “Nothing short of brilliant” and Time Out London says “The rhymes—and the energy— just don’t stop…”
About Dress the Part
The Q Brothers return to high school in their hip hop reimagining of Two Gentlemen of Verona. Proteus and Valentine are high school football stars at Verona College Prep who learn a thing or two about love, learning and loyalty. Over twenty characters are played by two actors who never leave the stage in this 75-minute wild ride.


Directors who are interested in working with us should submit their credentials to Directors are generally selected well in advance and must possess experience directing classical text.


Designers interested in working with us should submit their credentials to