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With a highly engaged Board of Directors, impressive and committed staff, hundreds of volunteers, and incredible artists, the Festival is a fabulous place to work. You can expect a strong community that fosters conversation and collaboration.


2020 Mainstage – Much Ado About Nothing

Directed by: Bruce Longworth
Local Auditions/Callbacks: 12/6-12/8
First Rehearsal: 4/28
Rehearsal Times: Tuesday-Sunday, approx. 10 a.m.-7 p.m.
First Performance: 5/27Closing: 6/21
AEA Agreement: LOA to LORT ($717/week minimum)
Audition Location: .ZACK, Suite 303 (3224 Locust St)

Shakespeare Festival St. Louis’s summer Shakespeare productions in Forest Park are one of the cultural gems of St. Louis. Playing to thousands of residents and visitors every night, they offer world-class artistry and an unmatched spirit of community in one of America’s greatest urban parks. This summer, the Festival offers up one of Shakespeare’s most popular and enduring comedies about the very different ways that we love and want to be loved.

We are committed to casting a diverse company of Equity and non-Equity actors. We invite gender non-conforming, genderqueer, transgender and non-binary actors to submit for roles they most identify with.

(There will be live music in the show. While not a requirement for any specific role, we are seeking actors who also sing and/or play musical instruments, especially ones interested in Balthasar.)

Choose and prepare a side for the role you wish to be considered for. Actors auditioning for Balthasar should prepare a short song in addition to the Balthasar side. A reader will be provided for the auditions.

To schedule an audition time, fill out this form: 

Questions, email


Benedick: 30-40. Witty, thorny, his outward self-confidence and bravado hide an inner insecurity and vulnerability. Can be charming or caustic, insensitive and, at moments, surprisingly caring. A person who comes with a good deal of baggage, but very likeable all the same. Like an onion: keep peeling and you find new layers. Any ethnicity.
Beatrice/Benedick Side #1, 1.1
Benedick Side #2 2.3 (soliloquy)

Beatrice: 30-40. Has a huge heart and a huge intelligence. Can be charming and caring, but also caustic and dismissive. She can talk rings around anyone in the room. Is protective of her vulnerability. Any ethnicity.
Beatrice/Benedick Side #1, 1.1
Beatrice Side #2, 3.1 soliloquy

Don Pedro: 35-50. The Prince. Wears his authority and status with ease. A good man with a good sense of humor. Has a strict belief system and is willing to stick to his guns. Any ethnicity.
Don Pedro/Claudio Side, 1.1

Claudio: 20’s. A soldier more comfortable in the company of men than women, a doer not a thinker, sudden and impetuous, romantic but inexperienced in the ways of love. Any ethnicity.
Don Pedro/Claudio Side, 1.1
Claudio Side #2, 2.1,

Leonato: 40-55. Governor of Messina. A Gentleman with a good connection to his community. Wide range: warm, kindly, socially adept, unassuming, good sense of humor, passionate, can be fiery. Any ethnicity. 
Leonato side #1, 4.1
Leonato Side #2, 1.1

Dogberry: 35-50. Constable of the Watch. Absolutely convinced that they know what they’re doing and are the smartest person in the room. Focused, sharp, and dynamic in this mistaken belief. Wants to please those in authority. Working-class. Actor must have great comic skills. Any ethnicity. Any gender.
Dogberry #1, 3.3
Dogberry #2, 4.2

Hero: 20’s. Intelligent and self-possessed, with a strong moral center. Pure of heart. Any ethnicity.
Hero/Ursula Side,3.1

Don John: 35-50. Half-brother of Don Pedro. A bad guy, but capable of playing the room to get what he wants. Bitter, smooth, an effective manipulator of others. He reads as a person of status, half-brother to the Prince. Any ethnicity.
Don John/Conrade Side, 1.3

Borachio: 30-40. Don John’s right-hand man. Opportunistic, manipulative, working class. A drinker. Any ethnicity.
Borachio. 1.3

Margaret: 20’s. Quick-witted, smart-mouthed, very good with language, especially witty barbs. Largely ignores social rules of status and will speak her mind to pretty much anyone. Any ethnicity.
Margaret Side, 3.4
Balthasar/Margaret Side, 2.1

Antonio: 40-55. Leonato’s brother. Loves his family and will defend them to the death. Loyal and straight-forward. Any ethnicity.
Antonio/Ursula Side, 2.1

Verges: 50+. Dogberry’s associate and second. Older than Dogberry. Devoted to Dogberry, though they may not always agree. Has their own opinions and, out of enthusiasm, is not shy about expressing them. Civic-minded. Likes their job. Working-class. Actor must have great comic skill. Any ethnicity. Any gender.
Verges, 3.3

Friar: 40+. A religious person of integrity and reason, and a calming influence. Any ethnicity or gender.
Friar 4.1

Conrade: 25-35. Proud. A “gentleman” by self-proclamation, though perhaps of questionable lineage. A follower of Don John and Borachio, not a leader. Any ethnicity.
Don John/Conrade Side, 1.3

Ursula: 25-60. Could either be a young woman working in the household or an older, mother figure who works in the household. Generous. A natural confidant and helper. May fancy herself a really good actress. Any ethnicity.
Hero/Ursula Side,3.1
Antonio/Ursula Side, 2.1

Balthasar: 20-30. A good singer, though he claims the contrary. Awkward and insecure when it comes to wooing. Any ethnicity.
Balthasar/Margaret Side, 2.1


Sexton side, 4.2
Watch side, 3.3
Beatrice_Benedick Callback only, 4.1 


Directors who are interested in working with us should submit their credentials to Directors are generally selected well in advance and must possess experience directing classical text.


Designers interested in working with us should submit their credentials to