Shakespeare Festival St Louis


We are pleased to provide digital files of production photography for a nominal reproduction fee ($5.00) as a courtesy to our actors and creative staff. Please take a few moments to review these guidelines governing the use and reproduction of these images.

These images are released to you for personal, non-commercial use only.

Shakespeare Festival St. Louis (SFSTL) retains copyright of all production images. Photographs from productions by SFSTL may not be reproduced as, or as part of, items for sale. Further, images from productions by SFSTL may not be distributed to the print or electronic media except as part of the regular, routine promotion of the production itself. SFSTL’s public relations manager must coordinate all distribution of images to the media.

Production photography may be included in design and performance portfolios or published on personal websites. Any publication of these images intended for distribution (self-promotional literature, websites, etc.) must include credit to SFSTL (e.g. “Photo courtesy of Shakespeare Festival St. Louis”). If images are included on an actor or designer’s website, the courtesy of a link to SFSTL’s website ( is requested.

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Notes on digital image files

Images will be provided via download link. Most photo labs and consumer photofinishers can produce single prints or high-quantity reproductions from these files. While the JPEG files are at a base resolution of 72 DPI, the images are sufficiently large to provide a high-quality photographic print, even with significant enlargement.

This limited license grants you permission to reproduce these images as described above, and should be accepted by commercial photofinishers as a release from copyright to purchase prints made from the digital files provided.


For more information about permissible use of these images or to inquire about obtaining further rights for reproduction, please contact Marketing & Communications Manager Eric White at 314.531.9800 ext. 114 or